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Álvaro Cristobal Sarramian

Account Executive -

Siemens Healthineers
Barcelona, Spain 

What is your vision about DTx?
The actual digitalisation of the healthcare sector will have a direct impact on people´s lives. 
Patients, professionals and healthcare organisation are constantly facing new challenges and technology (e.g.: AI-based applications, new cutting-edge equipment, innovative business models…)  can help design prevention and wellness models. 
DTx is believed to support these models, by not only improving patients quality of life and supporting clinical decisions, but also having an influence on socioeconomical developments.

Why did you decide to join the DTxcellence program?
I decided to join the DTx program to learn about DTx from top-players in the field and having the chance to connect with people around the world with similar interests.

Tell us something that surprised you during the program
The quality of the content delivered by the program was impressive. In each module, top professionals from the sector explained their personal experiences with great examples. Having the chance to listen and learn from them in a very well-structured way, was something that surprised me in a very positive way. Moreover, getting the chance to connect and collaborate with people from all over the world was incredible!

What did you take into consideration before joining the club?
Basically, I checked the programme content and duration before joining the programme. Additionally, speaking to the program directors and getting to know their vision about it, also helped in getting onboard.

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