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Anabel León

Digital Lead - Bayer
Barcelona, Spain


What is your vision about DTx?

I am sure DTx will be a big part of new health model: 4th industrial revolution, aging population, increased longevity, disease chronification and the increase in global health spending means a new approach in health. DTx will be part of the solution.

Why did you decide to join the DTxcellence program?

Although part of my current role is related to DTx, I missed a 360º overview of the topic. After checking the DTxcellence program content I realized that this was what I need. The 6 blocks go from an overview of the ecosystem to explore different busines and scalable models.

Tell us something that surprised you during the program

I was surprised about the organization and platform, as well as the mentors’ level: all the sessions and videos were worth it. Another topic to highlight is the tasks assigned, that allow you to lower the “theory”.

What did you take into consideration before joining the club?

First of all, it was the only program I knew focused in DTx. On the other hand, the recommendation from some colleagues were key to make a decision.

Share anything you want about DTxcellence program

It has been a well structure program to face everything what matters in DTx. I really enjoyed all the videos and, although I was working on this topic and was not foreign, I learned many things from people very experienced. Also, I would like to highlight the connections done with other colleagues and the exchange of knowledge between all of us. I can only recommend it!

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