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Priya Rudradas 

Founder - Evolve DTx
Miami, USA


What is your vision about DTx?
The vision is very simple, patients who suffer from mental illness a way to get treated and manage their symptoms so that they can lead productive lives. Young adults are the most vulnerable of this population as they are in transition. If they had access to efficient and effective ways of supporting themselves in tandem with pursuing their dreams, then they would have hope. DTX has the ability to bring treatment closer and more insightful for the patient.


Why did you decide to join the DTxcellence program?
I wanted to learn what it takes to build a DTX product for the mental health space.


Tell us something that surprised you during the program
I was surprised that this business is so expensive and access to funding is very difficult. I am also surprised that very few have broken through in the mental health space. I pleasantly surprised that people with knowledge were so willing to teach and mentor.


What did you take into consideration before joining the club?
I haven’t found any other groups out there that held a fellowship like this. Only considerations I had were cost, curriculum and access to a fellowship.

Share anything you want about DTxcellence program
This is a great fellowship who wants to learn anything about digital therapeutics. The program directors are kind and collaborative. The mentors are available and good presenters. The homework assignments are realistic and relevant. Very well thought out program.

What about sharing it by Wednesday this week?
Thanks in advance for your continuous collaborations!!

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